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Huobi Marks Its Decade Milestone with a Rebrand as "HTX”

Huobi Marks Its Decade Milestone with a Rebrand as "HTX”

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, which traditionally celebrates its anniversary on September 13th each year, marked its 10th anniversary in 2023 with a significant rebranding move.

The company, a major player in the Asian crypto market, officially announced its rebranding and global expansion campaign on September 13, coinciding with its anniversary. As part of this transformation, the exchange has adopted the new name "HTX."

In an official statement, Huobi clarified that the name "HTX" represents a "new global brand," with "H" signifying Huobi, "T" representing Justin Sun's TRON blockchain project (a company advisor), and "X" possibly symbolizing both the exchange and the Roman numeral for 10, commemorating its 10th year in operation.

This rebranding effort extends to Huobi's social media presence, where its main X (formerly Twitter) account has been renamed "HTX_Global," and its official Telegram channel is now branded as "HTX Global Official."


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