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Polygon 2.0: MATIC to POL Transformation Takes Off!

Polygon 2.0: MATIC to POL Transformation Takes Off!

Polygon Labs, the driving force behind the Polygon networks, has made a major announcement with the official commencement of Polygon 2.0 implementation on the official website. This exciting upgrade begins with the introduction of three crucial Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) and a roadmap outlining Phase 0 of this eagerly awaited transformation.

Polygon Labs reminded the community that they had shared the Polygon 2.0 roadmap back in July in a recent tweet. This initiative aims to revolutionize the Ethereum block space by establishing the Value Layer of the Internet, a move expected to bring about limitless scalability and unified liquidity. To achieve this vision, a comprehensive upgrade of Polygon's protocol architecture is necessary, and Phase 0 marks the pivotal starting point.

Phase 0 will focus on four significant protocol upgrades. Firstly, it will initiate the transition from the MATIC native token to POL. Following that, POL will become the gas token for the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. Additionally, POL will serve as the staking token for PoS, and the Staking Layer will be launched, enabling validators to secure multiple chains within the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem.

Polygon 2.0 roadmap

The implementation of these upgrades is anticipated to kick off as early as Q4 of this year, pending community endorsement of the proposals. It's important to note that these initial changes outlined in the first three PIPs will not have an immediate impact on end-users.


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